When should ballooning incidents be reported?


This article follows on from our previous article in Aeronotes Volume 37 No.2 ‘Prepare and prevent, don’t repair and repent, Causal factors of hot air ballooning incidents’. While nearly every balloon flight ends safely, with every flight comes the opportunity for an accident. The ABF maintains an incident reporting database containing information on all the accidents and near misses that are reported to them. The goal of the database is to provide a formal way for ABF members to share accident or near miss experiences and prevent future occurrences. We recently analysed the causal factors involved in the incident reports collected by the ABF. Twenty-two incident reports were analysed and 54 causal factors were identified that were reported to play a role in hot air ballooning accidents. While many factors were identified, the findings of this study were limited by the small number of incident reports available from the ABF reporting system…

Aeronotes, the official journal of the Australian Ballooning Federation 37(3), 6-7. ISSN:1036-8264