What do driver educators and young drivers think about driving simulators? A qualitative draw-and-talk study


Driving simulators may be used to augment young driver education programs. However, little research has examined what young drivers and driver educators think about these devices. If driver educators and young drivers do not believe that simulator training will be effective, it is unlikely that they will be used to their full potential. Eight focus groups utilizing a qualitative draw-and-talk technique examined young drivers’ (n = 22) and driver educators’ (n = 10) perceptions of simulators. Participants made a drawing of an ‘ideal’ driving simulator. Thematic analysis was conducted on audio transcripts of the group discussions about their drawings. Results suggested that many young drivers and driver educators may be ambivalent about using simulators as a driver education tool, although they see value in the standardization of training they could provide. There may be a need for education about the evidence-based strengths and weaknesses of simulators to change these perceptions.

Transportation research part F: traffic psychology and behaviour