From on High? A Systems Analysis of the Contributory Factors that Lead to the Fatal Five Behaviours


Although much is known regarding driver-related crash contributory factors, less is known regarding the crash contributory factors that reside outside of the driver, vehicle and road infrastructure. This article presents the findings from a study in which a systems thinking framework was used to collect and analyse data on the system-wide contributory factors underpinning the so called “fatal five” crash-related driver behaviours: drug and drink driving, distraction and inattention, failure to wear a seat belt, speeding, and fatigue. The study included a survey on drivers’ perceptions of causes of the each behaviour and a workshop with road safety experts. The data was analysed and mapped onto a systems model of the Queensland road transport system. In addition to well-known driver-centric contributory factors, factors related to road safety strategy and policy, design standards, road rules and regulations, and societal issues generally were identified.

Australasian Road Safety Conference, 2017, Perth, Western Australia, Australia